God, in real space time history, had his plan and purpose for mankind recorded and preserved. In narrative, prophetic, and poetic texts concerning real places, people, creatures, and things all enmeshed in natural and supernatural events. 

The END is the beginning of what God’s after. Living with humanity into eternity in a new heaven and new earth where there will be no sin, rebellion, or death. God and his creation will be in total union. Humanity will exist eternally in physical bodies both in the new heaven and earth. Fully experiencing and expressing God’s unique purpose for our creation and preservation into eternity.

God has been very patient not wanting any to perish and hopeful all would be saved. In his patient waiting God has endured wickedness of mankind who have continually persecuted and killed his children (the bride of Christ). He’s also witnessed persecution and killing of his covenant people (Israel), partially hardened until the full number of gentiles come.

When the full number of gentiles is reached, God is going to judge all those still living on earth by his son Jesus Christ. Revelation tells not only of that judgment but brings into full view the promise to the redeemed – The New Heaven and New Earth.

The blessing in holding and keeping Revelation (Rev 1:3) is full assurance and confidence in our blessed hope – the glorious appearing of our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ.

The curse for adding or changing Revelation (Rev 22:18-19) is experiencing the curses written in the book.

This was not a book written to be read by only scholars and geeks. It is the book of hope and encouragement Jesus had written to his co-heirs, his brothers and sisters in His church.


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