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#001 - Believers in Jesus Christ - WELCOME!! Join us as Dr. Philip Zimmerman (DrZ), our Bible teacher and guide, takes us on the paths through Scripture that reveal God's eternal plan that includes you and your life lived now.  Each episode will inspire and empower you to drop all the baggage and simply Believe God and Follow Jesus. You can find out more about DrZ, his calling, your future, and this podcast on our website: https://WayoftheBible.com.

In this INTRODUCTION, DrZ gives an overview of the podcast, describes the intended audience, reveals a little bit about himself, provides a quick peak at the next few episodes, and presents a self-test to determine if you are in the will of God. The program ends with a request to subscribe to the show and invite your friends to join us on this journey to discover the Way of the Bible that leads to life in the will of God.

If there is a takeaway, it is to know this: God has a plan - it is an eternal plan. God is working the plan to perfection - He is not wringing his hands about what is going on in the world. God's plan includes rescuing from this world filled with darkness his children, whom He has known from before the foundation of the world, and bring them to a new heavens and new earth to dwell into eternity in His kingdom of light. And while we tarry here awaiting our arrival in heaven, God's eternal power provides us everything we need to live a godly life in this life. A life filled with joy, prayer, and thanksgiving; living as a child of light overflowing with living water in the will of God.

We hope you enjoy this WELCOME and INTRODUCTION episode. Please be sure to subscribe and invite your friends to join us. You will find the show notes and the Scriptures referenced by DrZ on each episode, on the Resources page our website: https://WayoftheBible.com.

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