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#002 - On this Episode, DrZ explores the importance and blessing of understanding that God is the Creator of EVERYTHING. From the very first verse in the Bible, God answers the worlds question about where everything came from. God did not create everything from "Nothing," and the Big Bang as theorized never happened. God spoke and it was… 

During the first two days of creation God separates his light from darkness (day 1) and separates non-life giving waters on earth with living water in heaven (day 2). Darkness and non-life giving waters still exist on earth and will exist until God creates new heavens and a new earth which we will inhabit at the end of this Age. God uses these two themes, light vs. darkness and non-life giving water vs. live-giving living water, throughout the Bible to contrast a life lived in darkness and dying and a life lived in light and living. 

Spoiler Alert – God has made it such that no one can prove by science who or what created everything. However, God does reveal his eternal power and divine nature through what has been made so that people are without excuse for not knowing He exists. Belief that the origin of everything is from God, natural material causes, or positivity of the universe are all “faith” statements. However, science does reveal that of all the possibilities ever conceived, only the God option is viable. This fact may still be rejected by one’s faith in another possibility, but in the end, God wins.   

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