Show Notes

#005 DrZ tackles the Holy Spirit on this episode and reveals why He should not be overlooked and an often misunderstood person of the Godhead. The Holy Spirit has been in unity and unison with God the Father and Jesus Christ since the beginning of Creation. The fact that you are “alive” today is due to the live-giving power which He exerted into the creation to animate all life on this planet. 

As with our last episode on Jesus, one episode, much less a lifetime of episodes would never exhaust what can be known about the person and work of the Holy Spirit. So DrZ focuses his attention during this one episode on what we can learn from the Holy Spirit acting in Jesus that is applicable to the Holy Spirit in us. 

 It is this divine power from the Holy Spirit that empowers us to live a godly life in Christ Jesus. And so much more…

Subscribe, keep listening and discover God is not trying to make it difficult. The Bible, God’s word, tells us to simply Believe God and Follow Jesus. Future episodes will reveal how we complicate the simple by what our minds seem to think is good and right at the time. 

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