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#033  Throughout history of mankind God has done great things, world changing things, beginning with One faithful person. While fruit of the faithful seed may not be seen for years the impact of mature fruit bearing harvests are seen for generations.

The covenant God made with Abraham and confirmed through Isaac and Jacob is a continuing testament in 2022. The nation of Israel, reconstituted in 1947, and the presence of over six million Jews back in their covenantal land demonstrates the faithfulness of God to promises he makes. But what exactly did God commit to in the covenant with Abraham?

 Join DrZ as he explores the details of God’s covenant made with Abraham found from Genesis 12 to Genesis 35. God personally confirms the covenant with Abraham’s son Isaac (second born – son of the promise) and then Isaac’s son Jacob. You may be surprised by what it says and covers. 

Listen, enjoy, and share. Grace and Peace to you… DrZ 

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