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#042 Once in the promised land and resting peacefully in homes they did not build, eating food they did not plant, and drinking water from wells they did not dig the people of Israel soon whored after the sex, drugs, and rock and roll of the gods of the surrounding nations. The angel of the LORD showed up and he was not too pleased with their rebellion.

Join DrZ as he provides an overview of the rapid fall of the people of Israel into the worship of the gods of the nations and idolatry found in the opening chapters of the book of Judges. And then what the angel of the LORD does in return. There are consequences for disobedience. Praise the LORD, he is a merciful and long suffering God who abounds in steadfast love as he did not destroy the people of Israel, but preserved them through their sin for the next stage of the story he wrote in space-time history.

DrZ also provides an overview of the book of Ruth which illustrates the significance of having a kinsman redeemer. Learn a bit of the wildness of the bloodline of Jesus in this episode.

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