Show Notes

Welcome to Episode #114 of Way of the Bible podcast. This is our second of eight episodes in our fifteenth mini-series, It’s All About Jesus.  On this episode we’re going to take a closer look at Jesus’ Parable of the Sower presented in Luke 8:4-21.

On our last episode I had a conversation with Pastor Chan Willis concerning the idea and/or expectation in the scriptures that Christians are to mature in faith. Related to this topic was Jesus’ parable of the sower and interpretation found in Luke 8:4-15. In this parable Jesus mentions the sowing of the word of God to people who “hear.”

Jesus illustrates and then explains four different ways (the soil) people hear the word of God and respond. Similar versions of this parable are also found in Matthew 13 and Mark 4.

I’ll summarize the parable beginning with an insight by Jesus and the key that opens that insight. I’ll then introduce each of the four soil parables and their respective interpretations in order of appearance.

In addition, I’ll also weave in how events in the Garden of Eden, the consequence of sin, and mankinds first offerings may have direct relevance to this parable. My hope is that you hear and begin to see for yourself, the Bible is a Unified book. 

Jesus was not just a guy walking the earth teaching thoughts and insights about God. Jesus is God incarnate in human form, born into the world to reveal the need for what he offered of himself; salvation through his name. Critical to our maturing in faith is belief in his word as well. Listen to Jesus. Believe and simply follow him and his word. Let’s get started.

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