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Welcome to Episode #127 of Way of the Bible podcast. This is our seventh of eight episodes in our sixteenth mini-series, The Obedience of Faith.  On this episode we’re going to have a conversation with Magan Cavalier about discipleship toward spiritual maturity in-Christ. Magan is a global mission’s leader, disciple maker, spiritual advisor, homeschooling mother of four, miliary wife, and servant to her community.

As I was completing the mini-series fourteen and the overview of the Bible, God placed a passion in my heart for future podcast mini-series. That passion was to pursue the topic of spiritual maturity in-Christ. This topic came to the forefront of my mind as I was overviewing the books of Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, and Colossians. 

Way more here than I can even hope to introduce. It was clear before I started these four books that living a new life in-Christ was available starting on the day of one’s salvation. I personally had experienced that. 

In the progression through these four books the Holy Spirit impressed upon me, convinced me, and convicted me that spiritual maturity in-Christ was to be sought and lived out in all believers until we are called home. This was something I’d often wondered about for the past 25 plus years of being a believer, but never fully investigated. I’ll get into this much deeper on our upcoming Walk on the Beach with DrZ.

As I was considering who to contact about having as a guest speaker to address the mini-series topic of The Obedience of Faith one name clearly popped into my mind. Magan. When I thought why Magan, I remembered it was she who I called to find out more about Saint Ignatius, Dallas Willard, and spiritual formation. We talked briefly and she recommended a workbook she was going through herself that followed the pattern of the Ignatius Spiritual Exercises.

As I considered this thought, more rushed into my mind that made Magan the obvious choice. She was a mature Millennial (greatest generation in human history). She’d recently completed the Master of Arts in Christian Spiritual Formation and Leadership at Friends University in Wichita, Kansas (a degree program heavily influenced by the late Dallas Willard and James Bryan Smith). And since middle-school she’s been progressively active and developing as a missions leader and disciple maker.

With all this as a brief introduction, let me get Magan on the phone and have her fill in some more details before beginning our conversation. 

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