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Welcome to Episode #129 of Way of the Bible podcast. This is our first of eight episodes in our seventeenth mini-series, The Man Jesus Christ.  On this episode we’re going to Introduce to topic of Christian Discipleship.

Beginning with this mini-series, I’ll be starting weekly on-line discipleship Zoom meetings. The first meeting will be to go deeper together in the materials covered during the current episode. The second meeting will be for general podcast questions and sharing of faith and prayer. Both meetings are meant for our mutual encouragement in the faith and deepening our knowledge of the Son of God. 

If you’re interested in attending either meeting, please go to the Contact Page on my Website, WayoftheBible.com, and let me know of your interest in one or both meetings. I’ll send more information and weekly updates with meeting days, times, and links for meeting entry. There is no requirement to attend the meetings, just know I’m available if you’d like to grow in grace and faith together.

I didn’t record or release a podcast during the month of December 2023 and the first week of January 2024. I took the time normally spent on this podcast to complete the manuscript of a Christian fiction book I hope to publish this Spring. In that regard, if any of you know of an editor and/or literary agent for a Christian publisher please let me know as I’m in the market for both. I self-published a coaching book on Amazon in 2021 and would prefer to work now with a professional; I know my own limits.

During December I also did additional study into the topic of Christian discipleship. It was in additional studies a new facet of a well-known but unexplored reality opened to me. Not just opened, but enveloped and swallowed me. That reality has to do with Jesus making available life in the kingdom of heaven/God now; where God reigns over my heart, mind, soul, and strength. Point being, Jesus not only brought salvation to mankind, he made available the reign of God in the lives of normal humans like you and me.

Christian discipleship is a life-long process of learning directly from Jesus and the Holy Spirit the lessons of Jesus that allow us to walk as he walked in obedience to our Father and his commands. As we learn from Christ we transformed more and more toward what Paul called in Ephesians 4:13to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ.

Christian discipleship is not about following rules, checking boxes, or meeting a standard of behavior identified by an individual, committee, or denomination. It is about submitting to the Lord Jesus Christ as his student and being responsible only to him for learning, transformation, and assignment of calling. This is what Jesus called his disciples to do – to make disciples of all nations.  

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