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Welcome to Episode #150 of Way of the Bible podcast. This is our sixth of eight episodes in our nineteenth mini-series entitled, The Vineyard Owner’s Son. 

Wait a minute. Did I just say our 150th episode. That deserves a WaHoo for no other reason than it is a milestone number. I’m not sure what it is a milestone number for. And now that it has been mentioned the memory of it is already getting foggy and the glory quickly dissipating. 

And snap we’re back on the treadmill Hades gave Sisyphus of pushing a huge bolder up the steep hill in Tartarus. It’s the way of the world, the way designed by the evil one who is in charge of this age. 

The devil points us to a high mountain of our own vein interests and promises us glory, fame, fortune, sex, drugs, and rock and roll if we can summit the peak. We map out a strategy, identify milestones along the way, pack up equipment and provisions, and begin. 

As we travel, we meet many people along the way. Some people we help and many more we harm as we keep our eyes fixed on the prize. The people we hire to help us reach the peak never share in the spoils of the conquest that we seek. 

Undaunted and unwearied we fight and struggle until finally the peak we summit. We look with awe at sights and wonders of that long sought summit and from the peak immediately plummet. Our thoughts are cloudy and fall a tumble as we ponder our humbled life now a squander.

Is this all there is? We ask standing and gasping where the air is so thin. And then we feel the pang of emptiness deep from within; and hear the serpent laughing at the immensity of our sin. We too laugh then cry seeing the peak of our conquest vein pride of own making. 

Most say no matter the folly, no matter the plight, we glory in accomplishments and with rivals’ fight. Few discover the truth not found in riches, honor, or fame. 

Who craves a pure heart and a soul in which there is no stain? Has there ever been a time when there was no pain? Such a thing was seen in the Garden of God. In a couple, Adam and Eve, who in a pride filled quest for wisdom, glory, and fame put forever mankind to shame. What started as a dream story to tell ended in all the offspring destined for hell. BUT GOD…

Now where did that come from? That’s right our 150th episode. Best to just leave it at that.

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