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#004 Since eternity past, the Godhead has always been personal and relational by his nature. As revealed in Scripture, God is One in essence and Three in persons (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). What DrZ describes today is that Jesus has been working in unity and unison with God the Father since the beginning of Creation. Jesus is not just a New Testament revelation of God, but has been very active since the beginning, creating all things seen and unseen, and holding all things together. His holding together includes the wiring of the technology on which this podcast is hosted.
 This is a massive topic (i.e. the entire Bible concerns Jesus). Given that, after a brief intro of Jesus, DrZ focuses on the work of His FatherJesus completed while here on earth. If you are a believer you can shout "Hallelujah - Thank You JESUS!!" If you're on the sidelines and want in on far beyond the best thing that can be imagined, seek God and He will be found by you. Then, do as He says.
 Sidebar to be covered in more depth on a future episode about Jesus holding everything together. If Jesus were to stop his speaking that is holding everything together, everything would immediately let loose of what binds it and return to its most elementary state (atomic element type small). Then the matter within atoms themselves would dissolve and return to a pure energy state. The energy state would then turn into light and return to the dimension from which it was called forth by God in the beginning. Science has already proven nothing is really here in reality beyond light energy in it’s purest form. What they don’t know is how this light energy gathers to create a mass, then particles, then atoms, then elements, then compounds, then things we can see.

 There is coming a day when Jesus will stop the speaking, the heavens and earth will flame out and dissolve, and God will call forth new heavens and a new earth. In this new creation, the children of God will dwell into eternity with God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. We’ll discover the role of the Holy Spirit on our next episode.

 Subscribe, keep listening and discover God is not trying to make it difficult. The Bible, God’s word, tells us to simply Believe God and Follow Jesus. Future episodes will reveal how we complicate the simple by what our minds seem to think is good and right at the time.  

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