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#006 Explore with DrZ the person and work of mankind as typified by Adam , the first man, and Jesus, likened unto Adam. The entirety of the Bible centers around the work each of these two men completed and the consequences their completed work had on the rest of mankind. 

Adam was a real historical person. Created by God from the dust of the earth with animate life and spirit breathed into him by the Holy Spirit. He was sinless in person at his creation and had no knowledge of evil. The work God gave Adam was to obey a very simple command that had a catastrophic consequence for disobedience (death). Of his own free will, Adam disobeyed the command and sinned, and death thru sin came upon all mankind.

Jesus was a real historical person. While Jesus was born of a woman (Mary) his father was God. Jesus was sinless at the immaculate conception of Mary thru the Holy Spirit. The work God gave Jesus was to live in full obedience to God his father including the entirely of the Law of Moses. Jesus was completely obedient to his father to death on a cross; sinless at his conception and knew no sin all the way to his death. As a result, Jesus earned for mankind righteousness (condition necessary to be accepted by God for eternal life) for those who obey him.

After what man do you follow: Adam who leads to death; or Jesus who leads to eternal life?


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