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#008 Join DrZ on an early morning walk along the beach as he describes the reality of the supernatural/spiritual realm as revealed by science. During the discussion DrZ tears down the roadblocks to faith - atheistic philosophy and scientific materialism. Both of these lines of teaching have blinded and indoctrinated minds to believe a supernatural and/or spiritual realm do not exist, negating the existence of God, spirits, or supernatural events (miracles).  

Scientific discoveries over the past 100 years provide evidence that not only are we not living in a closed physical universe but likely exist in a multidimensional reality. These discoveries make it possible to say with assurance that belief in the supernatural/spiritual realm existing beyond the limitations of our own space time reality is both rational and reasonable given the affirming evidence. 

The slices of evidence discussed on this episode include: 
   Why "things" in our vacuous space are holding together rather than flying apart. 
   We are living in pixelated space-time "digital" universe. Thanks to Planck's constants for length and time we now know there are space-time openings in the fabric of our reality that allow the crossing of nonphysical energy between dimensions. We are not living in a closed boundary system as assumed by our outdated science textbooks.
   The boundary curtain to the 5th dimension is merely 1.6E-33 cm from any given point and is crossed in 5.4E-44 seconds. That means the supernatural and/or spiritual realm is immediately accessible everywhere in the universe. Heaven is not "out there." Rather, we are living in its midst - it is all around you. The possibility of an angel or demon standing next to you, or even in you , is not a fantasy or fairytale but a possibility proven by science. And when we die, while our bodies can slip through the fabric, our spirit immediately slips across the boundary to the other side. For believers, we will immediately be in the presence of Jesus.  
   The language of DNA proves life did not evolve from undirected impersonal causes plus time and chance. Whatever created DNA has a mind and the power to create. Believers call Him LORD God Almighty - who was/who is/who is to come!

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