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#012 DrZ reveals how the rebellion begun by Lucifer in heaven is resolved by God on earth. In Revelation 20, we see Satan being cast into the Lake of Fire along with the dead whose names were not written in the book of life. The dead going into the Lake of Fire had been judged based upon what they had done written in books opened at the great white throne judgment.

In Genesis 3, after the sin of Adam, we see God addressing the serpent [Lucifer]. God tells the serpent he's going crawl on his belly and eat dust of the earth all the days of his life (mankind is made of dust of the earth). And, his head would be crushed by a seed of the woman while his seed would bruise the woman's seeds heal. The woman's seed was Jesus!!

Lucifer, who had been given dominion over the earth, accepts the challenge of God. The war Lucifer began in heaven by his rebellion was going to be waged on the earth between he and God, using humanity as the front line troops for both sides.

The Old Testament records the working out of battle lines and initial skirmishes as Lucifer tries to wipe out mankind and the opportunity for the coming seed to be born. God is always in front of Lucifer preserving a remnant.

God chooses Abram as the man through whom He would build a nation of people and provide them a land to be a witness to all the earth of God's existence. Then God narrows the bloodline to the seed of the woman to a descendant of King David. Jews looked for the coming Messiah who would rule the world.

Try as he might, Lucifer was unable to get ahead of God and destroy the bloodline of David. Jesus fulfilled at least three hundred prophecies at His first coming. There are another 1900 prophecies yet fulfilled which will be fulfilled at His second coming.

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