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#019 DrZ picks up the creation narrative with days three and four on which God has dry ground appear,  ground produces vegetation, and God places lights in the vault of the sky. For completeness, I encourage you to also listen to the creation narrative for day one [separation of darkness and light] and day two [separation of waters] presented on Episode #002 | Why Believing God as Creator Changes Everything.

What you'll learn on this episode [#019] is not only the creation narrative not a myth, but because of recent scientific discoveries, the creation narrative is both reasonable and rational. And this is incredibly important as the narrative also provides great insight into the purpose of life and the nature of work.

God’s desire was to provide mankind the ultimate environment in which to experience union with Him through innovative and creative care of the world He created for us. This narrative defines where everything came from (Origin), why we are here (Purpose), what it means to be human (Identity), how we should live (morals/ethics).

And finally, God provides mankind the freedom to choose to live in this union with him forever [eternal life] or to strike out on our own with the consequence being death. And through the narrative God defines where we go when we die (Destiny).

What you’ll discover in this series is we were created for a fulfilled life AND experience of purpose through satisfying work prepared in advance for us uniquely to do. While you know the end of the story – mankind chose independence and death – God still provides for those who choose, the blessings of a fulfilled life of purpose experienced through satisfying work prepared in advance for us uniquely to do. Are you interested?

Listen and learn how to make the days ahead the best days of your life, EVERY-DAY. 

Grace and Peace to you… DrZ

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