Show Notes

#020 Join DrZ as he explores the Genesis Creation narrative in Genesis 1 covering Days 5 and 6 (see Genesis 1:20-31). On Day 5, God created teaming life in the seas and birds in the sky. On Day 6, God created the livestock, the creatures that move along the ground, and the wild animals. 

Before approaching the Genesis Creation narrative it is important to see how our view of creation has likely been heavily skewed by erroneous secular humanistic teaching of science on this subject. DrZ spends the first few minutes of the podcast setting the table for knowing  and believing the Genesis Creation narrative is to be taken literally and by faith. 

Over the past fifty years science has proven evolution as proposed by Darwin and which continues to be taught in school, never happened. And that there are many things which science cannot explain given self imposed paradigm of a closed system of scientific discovery and reference. Many if most of the unanswered questions could be answered if the door were open in science to consider influences from beyond our space-time reality. 

All modern in-roads of science point back to a beginning similar to what we encounter in the Genesis Creation narrative. Most of these in-roads are contained in the presentations of the facts and problems Intelligent Design scientists resolve in Genesis. 

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