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#023 Beginning about ten years ago, if someone wanted to do business or serve mid-size to large corporations it became very taboo on business and social media platforms to have anything out there identifying as a follower of Jesus or Christian faith in general. Seemingly overnight all other religious practices were tolerated and some celebrated while total vanilla secularism was most preferred. This condition still exists and has ramped up considerably in the past two years. 

If you sense this pressure and are just going along with the flow because of fear of losing your job, or missing out on business opportunities, you are not alone. Episode #023 of Way of the Bible podcast addresses this issue head-on in a “Conversation with Marcus Jackson.” Marcus, a talented and gifted entrepreneur, describes his faith and the reasoning behind his unashamed Jesus and Christian content on everything he puts out there. 

 Halfway through this conversation, Marcus is joined by his mom, Madeline Jackson, as they describe the book they recently co-authored, “Christians, God Says You Are Priests! 1 Peter 2:9.” Together, they reiterate the calling on all believers to be a light that attracts those God is calling. And through everyday practice of Simply Believing God and Following Jesus, some of those who are attracted by the light will be birthed into the kingdom by the working of the Holy Spirit.

 During the trial of Jesus at the high priest’s house Peter denied knowing Jesus three times. This was mere hours after Peter told Jesus, “Lord, I am ready to go with you to prison and to death.” What happened? Peter’s boldness in private was tested in public. 

Yet, after Jesus’ ascension and the giving of the Holy Spirit, Peter became the chief spokesman before the Jewish leaders. Peter followed Jesus unto his own death on a cross; albeit upside down. What happened? The Holy Spirit empowered Peter to not deny the light, following the way that leads to death. Rather, to allow the light to shine and follow Jesus in life eternal wherever He may lead. Enjoy and share the listen… DrZ 

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