Show Notes

#029 Imagine you and your family getting on a three-level windowless barge filled with animals on any given day of the week; nothing unusual happening. The door closes, and you find yourself riding out a forty-day torrential rainstorm. Once the storm ceases, you drift around for another one hundred and ten days before grounding-out on a mountain top. Each day you wait for the door to open. That day does not arrive for another two hundred and twenty days. And finally, once the door is opened, and everyone and everything gets off the barge, you look around and there is nothing anywhere. Everything you observed as normal before getting on the barge has been wiped out… Time for New Beginnings.

 In Episode #029 of Way of the Bible podcast, DrZ explores the narrative of Genesis 8 and 9 which include the long float on the water, disembarking, a sacrifice, a covenant, and New Beginnings for mankind. “Then God blessed Noah and his sons, saying to them, “Be fruitful and increase in number and fill the earth” (Genesis 9:1). 

This is the fifth of eight episodes of the mini-series entitled, Failure to Launch. In the narrative from Genesis 4 to 11, the case is made and the table set for the spiritual and literal split and conflict between the nations of the world and God’s chosen people, Israel. This split and conflict will not be end until the eternal state is manifest as described in Revelation 21 to 22.  

Listen, enjoy, share, and be blessed… DrZ

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