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#031 Why does the Bible divert from a narrative of God’s watchful care over the descendants of Adam and Noah to a focus solely on the patriarchal offspring of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob, the nation of Israel? The answer to this revealed on this episode of Way of the Bible podcast.

Most believers, while they have a familiarity with the narratives presented in the bible, have a limited perspective on the overarching message God has revealed to the world. In the first eleven chapters of the bible, mankind fails three times to freely enter into the will and plan of God for his imagers (i.e. to embrace the responsibility for dominion over the animals and care for the earth, to be fruitful in reproducing and fill the earth, all the while living in the knowledge and will of God as creator).  

Strike 1 – Adam eats the forbidden fruit (Genesis 3)
Strike 2 – Wickedness and condition of heart only evil all the time (Genesis 6)
Strike 3 – Building a tower to create a name in the heavens for themselves (Genesis 11)

 At the end of Genesis 11, God introduces the man He is about to choose as the father of nations and a blessing to peoples of all nations. And through whom the Messiah, our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ would descend.

 Adam on his own failed…
Noah’s descendants failed…
Abraham passes the test of faith, his descendants hang-on to the law, and his seed [Jesus] became and IS the Savior of the World.

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