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Episode #037 It's been said that repetition is the soul of education. Or put another way, seven repetitions makes us learn almost anything. This maxim has several layers of application in the book of Numbers as God repeats instructions, Israelites grumble, complain, and rebel at every opportunity, and God demonstrates that Not Trusting Truth Has Consequences.

Join DrZ as he presents a face paced high altitude overview of the book or numbers and reveals a critical defect which will certainly end in disaster for Israel. With God living in the midst of the camp you'd figure success would be a no brainer. But when given the option to submit and obey or rebel and play, mankind's track record is dismal; and Israel is no exception.

Discover in Numbers connections to Bible stories you know by heart but whose origin and context are vague in mind. And discover for yourself, we are all just like those Israelites...

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