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#038 Why is there a choice? If God is good, why doesn’t He just give life to everyone? Both great questions that are answered in the Bible.

Answering the second question first; God has already given everyone life, forming each person in their mother’s womb and determining the exact locations and times they would be born. The problem is the life they possess is corruption and death due to the sin of Adam, and their own transgressions against God in living. Mankind is not born into something imperishable, but perishable and destine for the dumpster fire of hell (Note: I do believe children under the age of consciousness of sin who die go straight into God’s presence). 

Answering the first question; God desires that all would come to a knowledge of the truth and be saved. God takes no pleasure in the death of the wicked. The problem is because of sin our natural bent is against God and His will and toward ourselves as the masters of our own souls and will. God has placed eternity into the hearts of all men and has clearly revealed Himself and our problem of separation since the very beginning. The choice for eternal life revealed in the New Testament is made by grace thru faith in the remedy God provides – Jesus.

Join DrZ as he describes the option given to Israel in Deuteronomy. It is much more than simple knowing that God exists. Israel was to willingly (whole heartedly) be obedient to all of God’s commands while forsaking the sex, drugs, and rock and roll involved in the worship of idols and the gods of the nations. God repeats this over and over in Deuteronomy, and yet how quickly we forget…

Listen, Enjoy, Share… DrZ

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