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#041 This is our first of eight episodes in our mini-series entitled, Conquest and Fall of a Nation. As the title suggests in this first episode we’ll be looking at look at the conquest of Canaan in the book of Joshua that hand “giant” problems that needed clearing. With the commander of the Lord’s army as front and rear guard, Joshua and company had little problems taking care of business. But as it turns out the business they were doing (devoting seven hotspots of giant activity to destruction) has caused many who know not the background to reject the God of the Bible.

Join DrZ as he provides the background issues that needed resolving before God could establish his people as a kingdom of priests and a holy nation in the land. And while fierce and effective in battle the reality of the toll of war, the luxuries of the land, and loss of focus may have made the effort all for naught. Actuation of a long fall from conquest and exultation will become more in focus on future episodes of this series.    

The sons of God who gave up their heavenly habitation to have relations with the women of mankind, and produce offspring, Nephilim, were killed in the flood along with wicked mankind and all living creatures on the face of the earth. But as foreshadowed in Genesis 6:4, they show up again in and around the promised land of Canaan. 

This is just another attempt by the serpent and other rebellious heavenly beings trying to forestall or prevent God’s carrying out of the decree that the serpents head would be crushed by the seed of the woman (see Gen. 3:15). Either get God to destroy the offspring of the woman (from God’s heritage of Jacob) or so contaminate the genetic bloodline that a “true” human offspring would be impossible. Listen and find out what happens. Spoiler alert, by the end of this series it will appear the former rather than the latter was more effective in light of Exodus 22:20 - “Whoever sacrifices to any god, other than the LORD alone, shall be devoted to destruction.” 

And as a sign of the times, Jesus noted a sign time of his return would be as in the days of Noah. Have you noticed anything special about the disclosure of the reality of UFO’s/UAP’s and possible seeding of human women for hybridization with an alien race… We’ll address this at some point on this podcast Lord willing.

Listen, Enjoy, Share… DrZ

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