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#043 When you have a moral or ethical problem, do you seek wisdom of man or consult God’s word and the Holy Spirit? What if you’re required by the government to do something egregious in God’s sight and would perhaps cause other believers to stumble? Both questions are relevant in the world today.

Join DrZ as he explores 1 & 2 Samuel and provides an overview of the lives of Samuel, the last judge of Israel, Saul the first king of Israel, and David, the king of Israel who’s house and throne will last forever on earth. Obedience is a strange thing and is directly impacted with human exultation to positions of great power. There is a twisting that goes on, turning one’s eyes and heart away from the one who is known but not seen toward the world and all the things it offers to those people highly exult. 

Learn the consequences of not staying close knit with God; even if you're one after God's own heart. And also learn to be thankful continually for the grace, mercy, and forgiveness God freely offers to those who love him. You don’t want to miss listening.

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