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#055 On this our seventh of eight episodes in our mini-series entitled, Fear of the LORD | Job thru Song of Songs, DrZ has a topical conversation with Pastor Pete Kennedy to get his take on the Fear of the LORD. Fearing God is not something  we hear much about in church and Pastor Pete provides us his insight on the significance of this missing message.

When something is repeated in Scripture it typically is interpreted as something that will happen. The more times it is repeated, the more significant the topic and eventually adopted as central to the storyline of the Bible. Such is the case with the topic fear of the LORD found in the first four books of the Wisdom literature (Song of Songs does not include a reference). The following are the topical mentions found in our mini-series text. A full listing of the verses are included in the Shownotes for this episode.

12 verses of Job (10 of 42 chapters)

63 verses in Psalms (40 of 150 Psalms)

20 verses in Proverbs (16 of 31 Chapters)

6 verses in Ecclesiastes (5 of 12 Chapters)

With that as a brief introduction, listen to the call with Pastor Pete Kennedy and get his input on the topic of the fear of the LORD and application in a believer’s life today.

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Grace and Peace to you - DrZ

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