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#058 Join DrZ as he provides an overview of the books of Jeremiah and Lamentations. Jeremiah is a followup to God warning Israel through Isaiah that destruction was coming from Babylon if the people did not repent of their idolatry and return back and follow God's commands. The people refused in Isaiah's day and Manasseh, King Hezekiah's son, took apostasy in Judah to a level beyond the northern kingdom of Israel and any of its surrounding neighbors.

Jeremiah is commissioned by God to tell the people the promised Babylonian invasion and devotion to destruction of Judah and Jerusalem is coming. They will be completely wiped out clean as a bowl, leaving the land uninhabitable. The peoples sin is great yet they refuse to acknowledge God's coming judgment and instead try on several occasions to kill the messenger.  God protects Jeremiah and allows him to be the witness of God's vengeance as he uses Babylon as his instrument to devote Judah and her neighbors to destruction.

God gives the people several chances to repent of their ways but they refuse to listen. He provides an escape announcing on several occasions that by surrendering to Babylon and being taken captive they would live. Very few choose this option, instead they believed the lying prophets who were proclaiming God would deliver them. Only 4600 Judeans made it to Babylonian captivity, the rest perished experiencing horrific deaths.

Lamentations is Jeremiah's laments for Judah after the Babylonian hordes did their thing. It's a worthwhile read to recognize the consequences of our sin without God's gift of grace. 

After preparing for this episode, I had one thought whirling in my mind. Will the wind the Baby Boomers sowed by abandoning God and offering our children over to the gods of secular atheism for money, fame, sex, drugs, and rock and roll result in a whirlwind of less magnitude from God? I think it's time for Baby Boomers to get on our faces and repent for the sake of our children and grandchildren.

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