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#059 The book of Ezekiel is one of the most revealing prophetic books in terms of visions behind the veil, events in Israel leading up to the great tribulation, and the mountain top temple to be inhabited by Jesus during his millennial reign on earth. Three times Ezekiel is sees the glory of the LORD and reveals much about the majesty of God.

Ezekiel was called by the LORD and sent to reveal to the exiled Israelites in Babylon their wickedness and the wickedness of the house of Israel remaining in Judah and Jerusalem. And that Judah and Jerusalem would soon be destroyed by Babylon and everyone they knew remaining in the land would be killed. The LORD through Ezekiel made clear this was a just and righteous judgment for the idolatry and apostasy of their leaders, priests, false prophets, and people of the land. None would be spared except those who grieved over the wickedness.

Of even more emphasis in the text is the LORD's message to the exiled Israelites that judgment was not the LORD's last word. In fact, through Ezekiel the LORD reveals many marvelous works that will be done to bring united Israel back into the land in the future. And once there a new temple for the LORD will be constructed and occupied by the LORD forever. 

Never again will Israel waiver in faith as the LORD will be give them a new spirit and a new heart that will always stay faithful to the LORD. Their land will have peace forever and truly return to a land filled with milk and honey.

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