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#063 Join me [DrZ] for an engaging conversation with Boyd Bailey on the topic of wisdom. Boyd is the president of the Georgia chapter of the National Christian Foundation and the founder of Wisdom Hunters, a ministry whose daily devotional emails help more than 100,000 readers connect with Christ.

Over the past thirty years I’ve read, studied, and heard a lot about wisdom. I can say without hesitation, this conversation with Boyd was the best summary on the topic I’ve ever encountered. Boyd has a way of putting handles on wisdom that take it from the ethereal to practical everyday application. 

This is one episode I’m sure you’ll listen to several times, as I have already. And begin to apply what Boyd has learned and so graciously shared.

Here a just a few nuggets Boyd reveals during our time together. 

·    When considering an issue where wisdom is needed Boyd leads by keeping two key things in mind – empathy and comfort.

·    Boyd’s working definition of Wisdom: “Wisdom is the right use of knowledge; is gained through experience; and is found in Christ through his Word.”

·    “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of Wisdom” (Psalm 111:10). Recognizing this, Boyd seeks wisdom from Christ with a posture of humility, and reverence, and worship in the fear of the LORD. Then the LORD has Boyd in a trustworthy position to receive that wisdom; wisdom and humility go hand in glove.

Enjoy the listen. Then let me know of the sound bite nuggets that the Spirit stirred up in your heart and mind. 

For additional blessing, visit Boyd’s ministry website: WisdomHunters.com.
To email Boyd directly,: Boyd@wisdomhunters.com

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