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#064 This is our final of eight episodes in our mini-series entitled, Major and Minor Prophets | Isaiah to Malachi. On this episode we’re going to take A Walk on the Beach with DrZ and discuss what we’ve discovered from Genesis through the Major and Minor Prophets that encourage believers in 2022.

This walk on the beach completes our eighth mini-series of eight episodes each and completes our overview of the Old Testament. The first two mini-series addressed Things to Know About the Bible, specifically the foundations of the Christian faith. The next six mini-series addressed the thirty-nine books of the Old Testament, Genesis to Malichi. A full listing of the Mini-Series and Episodes are found at the end of these Shownotes and on the landing page of the podcast website, WayoftheBible.com.

There are a several special and unexpected events that happen on this beach walk you won’t want to miss. Click play and enjoy the walk. 

Listen, share, and enjoy. I would love to hear your feedback at DrZ@WayoftheBible.com

Grace and Peace to you…  DrZ

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