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#071  This is our seventh of eight episodes in our mini-series entitled, Greatest Victory EVER! | Matthew to Acts. On this episode we’re going to have a conversation with Dr. Kevin McKee who serves as the senior pastor at The Chapel on Campus in Baton Rouge. 

Kevin’s life plan began with a bachelor’s degree in computer science before God redirected his steps into full time ministry. He got a ThM at Dallas Theological Seminary and a DMin from Gordon Conwell seminary. Dr. McKee has served in ministry at the Chapel for 28 years, the last 11.5 as the lead pastor. 

I contacted Kevin a couple of weeks ago after hearing in the Chapel the first sermon of a short three sermon series entitled What We Want for You. The sermon was entitled, Self-Feeder and Relationally Accountable.

Having just completed on this podcast our overview of all the Old Testament books and nearing the end of completing the gospels, the subject matter of the sermon really resonated within me. I had to get Dr. McKee on the podcast for a conversation.

I’ll give you details at the end of the podcast on how to listen to this sermon on-line as it was worth a listen. What made it so amazing was the almost radical shift of addressing what matters most for a believer – an authentic Christian life and what that looks like. 

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The Chapel on the Campus: thechapelbr.com

Self-Feeder and Relationally Accountable - Sermon LinkLink: https://open.spotify.com/episode/1epg08jFnB8Ecdmd0K5Gsq?si=b17314029e95477d


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