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#074 Join DrZ as he overviews the last half of the book of Romans. On this episode, Paul addresses the topics of God's Sovereignty over who believes the Gospel (i.e. why the majority of Jews reject the gospel)  and the Service the faithful should demonstrate in walking out their faith. 

The Sovereignty of God  as presented by Paul is a very controversial topic in Christianity today, dividing many across strict doctrinal lines. On this episode are presented just the words of Paul and the cross references Paul uses from the Old Testament to support his position. Resolving the question within the church has filled many books and churches that follow those writings.

Paul then addresses what Christian service looks like in a world of darkness. Children of light living in the light surrounded by those in the darkness observing their clear behaviors. Given the service is not based upon works of the law but on grace the lines can be very blurry. Paul presents excellent guard rails and cautions to keep one on the path of faith by grace and not formal legalism based upon the law.

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