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#079 This Conversation with Pastor Andrew Reilly is a must listen to episode if you are a college student or younger! Parents and grandparents, if you have kids or grandkids who are college students or younger this is a must listen episode!

Andrew completely nails post-Modernism, the disconnect culturally that is totally devastating our most precious resource in colleges across the country. The ferocity at which post-Modernism is tearing apart the precious lives of Gen-Z students cannot be over emphasized.

I completed an organizational doctoral leadership program five years ago specifically looking at the mindset and worldview of Millennials and Gen-Z as they entered the workplace. I wrote a 400 page dissertation based upon my research and later a book on this topic. What I discovered culturally about these two generations was so shocking I completely altered my vocational path in an attempt to warn others of what is coming our way. What we are seeing in 2022 is just the start of something much darker coming our way.

Andrew nails the issue during our conversation and presents very practical means of binding the open artery draining the life blood out of our youth. You will hear truth in this conversation that will cause you to quake if you’re a believer. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of listening to what Andrew has to say.

PUSH PLAY and listen… you’ll never think the same way afterward. Pray, pray, pray for the Lord to rescue his vulnerable sheep and save us from the whirlwind to come.

More on Andrew Reilly go to RefugeLSU.com or theChapelBR.com

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