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#080 On this beach walk DrZ addresses the relevancy of the gospel in our culture enmeshed in the throes of post-Modernism deconstruction. When nothing is considered to be true absolutely, beyond one's own personal perspective, how is one to communicate the true truth contained in the scriptures? 

Romans and 1&2 Corinthians provides the background that what we are experiencing is not new. The gospel God provides in the scriptures has a power of its own to overcome any deception of man or dark spiritual forces. 

Man has been searching for millennia to answer five ultimate questions about life. 1) Where did everything come from? (Origin); 2) What does it mean to be human? (Identity); Why are we here? (Purpose); How should we live? (morals/ethics); and Where do we go when we die? (Destiny). DrZ answers each of these questions from both the perspective of the world and by the word of God.

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