Show Notes

#082  This is our second of eight episodes in our eleventh mini-series. This mini-series is entitled, Mystery of Christ | Galatians to 2 Thessalonians. On this episode we’re going to overview the book of Ephesians which has been noted as the most carefully written New Testament presentation of Christian theology written to believers. 

In our last episode on the book of Galatians, we learned believers in Jesus are a new creation in Christ. On this episode we’re going to hear what it means positionally to be in Christ and how we are supposed to walk out in faith who God says we are. And we’ll continue to see how the unveiled mystery of Christ works in our lives in that regard.

This episode is merely an overview of the book that will include extensive passage reading with a few comments made along the way. The best way to discover the treasures hidden in this book is to sit with pencil/pen and paper and begin to outline and/or structure the book. Taking time with each verse to understand and pray for comprehension of what is being said. 

I encourage you to use word study tools you may have handy or find on-line. This is a book that can be plumbed deeply, and no bottom found. Go beyond what you’ve heard from others regarding words and concepts, and discover what the entirely of scripture has to say regarding these same words and concepts. You’ll see consistency and clarity of meaning shining forth. 

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