Show Notes

#089 Welcome to Episode #089 of Way of the Bible podcast. This is our first of eight episodes in our twelfth mini-series entitled, Shepherding the Sheep | 1 Timothy to Hebrews. On this episode, Empowering Responsibility & Authority, we’re going to overview the book of 1 Timothy. 

1 Timothy is pastoral letter Paul wrote to his protégé. The letter is divided into six chapters. In each chapter Paul exhorts and empowers Timothy with responsibility and authority to establish and govern churches. Each chapter address a specific area of responsibility and ends with an empowering charge from Paul. 

Paul and Silas met Timothy while they were in Lysta (Acts 16). Timothy was a disciple and the son of a Jewish woman who was a believer but whose husband was Greek. Paul wanted to take Timothy with him on his travels. Given Paul was ministering with the Jews and wells as the Gentiles, he had Timothy get circumcised. We see Timothy following Paul in the book of Acts and quickly becoming Paul’s spiritual son and protégé in ministry. Paul assigned Timothy to lead the church at Ephesus and subsequently wrote his first letter to Timothy in or around 63 A.D.

In this letter Paul warns of the dangers of false doctrine in the church, provides directions for public worship and leadership, tells how to preserve true doctrine, speaks of the churches duties to others, and addresses pastoral motivations. So with all that as a short introduction, let’s get started with 1 Timothy.

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