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#095 Welcome to Episode #095 of Way of the Bible podcast. This is our seventh of eight episodes in our twelfth mini-series entitled, Shepherding the Sheep | 1 Timothy to Hebrews. On this episode we’re going to have a conversation with Pastor Joey Stutson of Unite Fellowship church in Mandeville, Louisiana. 

The topic of our conversation centers around the question, “What does Christianity offer that the post-modern world cannot.”

Given we just completed overviewing the last six of Paul’s thirteen epistles and the book of Hebrews, I was looking for the perfect guest to answer that question. Paul was planting churches and writing them letters reminding them of sound doctrine, instructions, and encouragement. All these churches were planted in totally secular and post-modern cultures Roman style. 

With that as a brief introduction, let’s get Joey on a call and get his take on answering that question. I’ll be back to close out this episode once we end the call.

CONVERSTATION STARTER questions I sent to Pastor Joey when we scheduled a call.  

• What “clicked” in you to leave a secular job, a position at a thriving church, and plant a new church in your community?

• Culture constantly evolves following the natural course of the world in line with entropy which drives all things of higher order to lower order and eventually chaos. We are somewhere near that chaos stage nationally. What does Christianity offer that the world does not to fight against chaos?  

• Let me back up even farther? Is chaos worth fighting or do we just let it happen?

• How would you answer this question. “Why hasn’t God made himself more fully known?” Several very significant and influential writers and scientists have said this will be their first question of God.

• How are you at Unite Fellowship going to engage the culture to make a difference in people’s lives?

• Tell us a little about your fellowship and plans for a community launch in September…

Pastor Joey’s church website: UniteFellowship.com

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