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#098 Welcome to Episode #098 of Way of the Bible podcast. This is our second of eight episodes in our thirteenth mini-series entitled, General Epistles | James to Jude. On this episode, Your Inheritance Kept in Heaven, we’re going to overview the book of 1 Peter. 

It is believed Peter wrote both of his epistles of 1 & 2 Peter something between 64 and 67 AD. He was martyred sometime between this period as well. Most scholars place the writing of 1 Peter in approximately 64 AD.

Having just covered the book of James, you’ll hear many similarities, as in James regarding how the Jewish Christians. Which is different, although not doctrinally, as the writings of Paul who was addressing both Jewish and Gentile Christians in his epistles. We’ll see through the book of Jude, and even into our next mini-series on Revelation, this distinctive that a Jewish Christian recipient was primarily in the mind of the writer.

Also as with James, Peter is writing to Jewish believers of the dispersion and afterward. I cannot emphasize it enough that those dispersed where dramatically impacted by the rapid and vicious turn from Jewish Christians being a nuisance within Judaism to being a blasphemous heresy that must be snuffed out and destroyed. Imagine in your minds refuge camps you’re seen on the news of Christians fleeing persecution even today by Muslim extremist groups trying to exterminate entire African nations of Christianity.

The initial shock and grief of the dispersed lasted a lifetime and was passed onto subsequent generations. These were Jews how had been taught from the scriptures their whole their lives to expect the Messiah to come. He came, they saw, they heard, and they believed. And yet they who had received eternal life from the Messiah by grace through faith were the ones run out of Jerusalem. Away from family, friends, the synagogue, and temple worship. Why?

With that as a brief introduction, let’s dive into the five Chapters of 1 Peter. 

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