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Welcome to Episode #120 of Way of the Bible podcast. This is our eighth of eight episodes in our fifteenth mini-series, It’s All About Jesus.  On this episode we’re going to take A Walk on the Beach with DrZ and assimilate, integrate, and synthesize the many lessons we’ve learned on this mini-series into a single thought from which all other thoughts originate.

Thank you for meeting with me here once again at the beach house on this amazing early fall morning. It was in the mid-60’s this morning and will be in the mid to low 50’s this weekend. With high’s in the mid-80’s this is almost paradise. Paradise along the Emerald Coast is mid-70’s during the day and low 50’s at night. Shorts & short sleeves during the day and beach bonfires at night. But already I digress. Before I get back on track, I invite you back this coming weekend for a nightly beach bonfires Thursday through Saturday. This will be the only time I mention this so don’t forget.

Most of you know the drill by now. If you’re new with us today, and I see a few faces I don’t recognize, we gather to mingle for moment in the house and then head to the beach to begin our walks and talks. Now’s the time to use the restroom, get a beach walk beverage from the coffee bar or cooler, and then head to the back porch to apply sunscreen, and put on hats and sunglasses. I’ll meet you out on the back porch in a few minutes as I’ve got some mingling to do myself with the first-time guests and learn their names at a minimum.

So glad to see everyone read my email and is ready to hit the beach wearing clothes you don’t mind getting wet. It’s just past 9:30 and the sand is cool so kick off that footwear and enjoy direct connection with the electromagnetic resonance of the earth. 

We’ll be heading straight for the flat surf today; walking, standing, or sitting in one place allowing the warm lapping water and cool coastal breezes to buffet us. There’s a lesson were going to learn today I hope you never forget. 

We’ve got the beach to ourselves this morning so let’s spread out a bit. I want you each to be no further in the water than one or two feet at a maximum beyond the receded surf line. I’m going to wade out here to about mid hip depth for the teaching. When we get done, I’ve a special surprise for us all to enjoy.

I want you to think for a moment why you think this mini-series is entitled, “It’s All About JESUS.” If you don’t mind, two or three of you please shout out what you’re thinking. 

·       That’s good, the whole Bible is about Jesus. 

·       LOL, You know it’s a squirrel, but you think I want you to think everything is about Jesus. While funny, there’s more truth to that than we know. 

·       What’s that, the “it’s all about” refers to our faith, and the object of our faith is Jesus. That’s a good one too. 

All these are very good reasons for this mini-series title, and there are more, I’m sure. On this surf emersion walk, stand, and/or sit I’m going to guide us through the reasoning I used for the title, “It’s all About JESUS.”

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