Show Notes

Welcome to Episode #128 of Way of the Bible podcast. This is our last of eight episodes in our sixteenth mini-series, The Obedience of Faith.  On this episode we’re going to take A Walk on the Beach with DrZ and explore together The Obedience of Faith. This is only the beginning, Lord willing, of a journey that lasts generations of lifetimes…

So glad you could join me for our walk on the beach this afternoon. It is crystal clear outside. The cold front that blow in last night dropped the temps into the upper thirties early this morning. After my early morning rise and quiet time it was a brisk and chilly walk to the water and immediately retreating back inside for my second cup of coffee. But I’m pleased to say it’s up to 58 now. Pleasantly chilly with a high afternoon warming sun for our walk.  

We’ve got a couple of decanters of mint, milk, and dark hot chocolates and fresh ground medium roast coffee’s on the bar. Fill up you own decanter or take one of our souvenir Walk on the Beach insulated cups. Long story but Joe made these hot/cold cups available for our walks at his own expense. His hope is that when we drink out of these in the future we’d be reminded to be always following Jesus and walking with God.   

Let’s take another ten minutes to mingle and greet our last few arrivals and meet on the back deck at 2:00 pm.

Great to see such a big crowd on a weekday for our afternoon walk. We’ll head to the water and go to the right with the sun and the breeze in our face. Given we may get a chill in the next little while, I’ve got a little surprise for us at our turnaround spot that I think you will all enjoy. So let’s get to it.

I went back over the episode show notes for this mini-series to refresh myself as I’d thought we’d covered a lot of scripture. My refreshment revealed in-fact we had covered a lot. Some of which I’ll share again on our walk this afternoon. The main point of them being they all indicate our response as a believer in Christ is much broader than what most, including myself, have encountered in our walks of faith.

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